Feb 13, 2020

Journaling Workshop – 19/2

Following on from the successful mindfulness workshop in late 2019, Eimear Healy from one of our member companies, Lonely Planet will be giving a journaling workshop on Wednesday (19th February 2020) from 1pm – 2pm in the Learning Studio in the Digital Depot building. Mindful journaling is like written meditation.


It involves examining why you feel a certain way (exploring feelings like anger, happiness, frustration, love…) and then letting it all go out of your head and onto the paper, enabling you to be freed from your thoughts and to move past them. It helps you get to know who you really are and is really useful when you need to make a decision.


You write for yourself alone and the idea is to be completely honest, Eimear will also talk about gratitude and doing a gratitude diary. Please bring a pen and notepad.

Spaces are limited so you must reserve your seat by email to clientservices@thedigitalhub.com. This event is for Digital Hub based companies only.