Aug 15, 2019

IBM Meetup – A Slice of DevOps with Red Hat Ansible and Packer – 5/9

The IBM Meetup takes place on Thursday, September 5th at the Learning Studio, Digital Depot.

Mihai Criveti leads the Cloud Native Solutioning competency at IBM, focusing on Kubernetes and Cloud Native architectures.


In this session Mihai is back for a Slice of DevOps with Ansible and Packer:

  • Build and Automate your Image and Infrastructure pipeline
  • Build multiple OS images and containers from the same specification
  • Publish to multiple repositories and cloud providers

Build your own Ansible Collection, roles and tasks to automate everything:

  • Setup your shell profile and dotfiles
  • Install your favourite tools
  • Install various hypervisors
  • Build OS images and cloud images
  • Build containers
  • Bring your laptop and join along!


Date: Thursday, September 5th 2019
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Venue: Digital Depot, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 TCV4
Register now at: