Jan 24, 2020


Our next Friday morning meetup takes place on Friday, January 31st. Members of The Digital Hub from all buildings on campus are welcome to attend.

As always ‘The Digital Hub Soapbox’ will be in place if anyone has anything to say. The Digital Hub Soapbox is literally a Soapbox – a platform on which you can speak if you have something to say! You can say as few words as you like, or as many to your Digital Hub neighbours at the Friday Morning Meetups (last Friday of each month).



What would I say?

  • Ask for help or offer to “Help a Hubber”
  • Tell us your good news
  • Tell us you are recruiting
  • Simply introduce yourself, say what you are an expert on and what you love to do


These are just examples. We don’t want to be prescriptive, so feel free to say what you want, but we will place a time limit of ~3 minutes per person and a limit of 15 minutes at the start of our Friday Morning Meetup for our Digital Hub Soapbox. If no one has anything to say then its Friday Morning Meetup as usual….tea/coffees/pastries and chats guaranteed as always.