Jan 15, 2020

5G Tech Talk

On Wednesday the 22nd of January, we will be holding a Tech Talk on 5G - What is 5G and what does it mean for me? This talk will take place from 1pm – 2pm in the in the Learning Studio in the Digital Depot building.

As you may be aware 5G is on the way! 5G will enable an era of connectivity like never before to make our cities smarter, enable immersive technologies and next generation IoT applications.


Speakers on the day will be Ronan Bracken from one of our member companies Incognito and James O’Sullivan from Huawei. Spaces are limited so you must reserve your seat by email to clientservices@thedigitalhub.com. There will be some light lunch available 12.30pm for anyone that is registered.


Please note this event is for Digital Hub Members Only, please keep an eye on our website for upcoming public events: https://www.thedigitalhub.com/news-and-events/