Sonru is a global leader in the field of video interviews and video screening.

As recognised leaders in this field we have established the effectiveness and validity of using video in the recruitment process. Companies like Apple, Volvo, Nestle, Wm Morrisons, Sellafield Ltd, EA Games, Sage, Schroders, and CERN have innovated in their talent acquisition processes by using Sonru’s video interview solution.

Sonru is headquartered in Ireland, has regional offices in the UK, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and Poland and has representation in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, USA and the Middle East region. The name Sonru stems from the Irish phrase “Bí le sonrú” which means to “stand out” and their flagship product – the automated video interview solution enables interviewees to do just that.

With an impressive conversion rate from product trial to adoption, Sonru clients are evangelical about the benefits this game changing technology has brought to their recruitment processes such as improved candidate selection, faster recruitment cycles, reduced interviewing costs, convenience and the elimination of scheduling and conducting phone interviews.