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Name: Méabh Tammemägi
Tel: 086 8147066


Mooshku are a Dublin based children’s media company dedicated to bringing the best content to young children. Our focus: fun, positive and enriching stories and activities across multiple platforms. We are driven by the needs of the audience working with parents to offer positive experiences. We specialise in the 2-6 years old age group. We work regularly with media and animation companies both in Ireland and abroad.


Mooshku develops and manages its own properties in-house and also offers services to third-party businesses developing children’s content across all media: television, apps and more. We don’t have competitors, we have collaborators. Our bottom line is: if it’s not good for your kids, we don’t make it.

With a background in global positive children’s media and a special expertise in preschool content, Mooshku can help you entertain, engage and educate a young audience. Got a project you are producing or looking to produce? We can help you improve and focus any aspect of that project: character, story, visuals, presentations, even production methods. Looking to commission a project aimed at kids? We can create and produce it for you, making sure you get the results you need. Smiles and laughs are all a part of the package.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Project evaluation
  • Development services
  • Production consultation
  • Story/script editing
  • Writing
  • Casting services
  • Production services


Mooshku Showreel 2016 from Mooshku on Vimeo.