MinFarm is developing a global marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers of locally produced food. Through our platform we give customers the opportunity to conveniently buy directly from farmers. This ensures a higher quality product which is natural and locally produced. And it gives people back control of the food they are buying.


In doing this we also help farmers find an alternative distribution channel, outside the large traditional retail chains and their very aggressive purchasing policies. Today, many smaller farmers have problems making a decent living from their business, squeezed by minimal margins offered by the retail chains. Using our platform and cutting out all intermediaries, we more than double their margin, giving local food production a bright future.

It is a win-win situation. Customers pay a price comparable to what they would in a supermarket, not paying extra for higher quality and other added value, and farmers get much higher revenue than via the traditional channel.

Join us in building a better community for farmers and customers!