Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is the world's leading travel content company, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with 11 other offices around the globe. Our Digital Hub, Dublin office is the newest addition.


Lonely Planet has printed over 139 million books in 16 languages to almost every destination on the planet since the company was founded by Tony and Maureen Wheeler in 1972. They embarked on a honeymoon trip from London to Australia and shared their adventures with friends. The result was Across Asia on the Cheap and the business was born in Melbourne, where we still have an office. It was bought by NC2 Media in 2013.

Today, as well as providing mobile apps, an award winning website, lonelyplanet.com and US and UK magazines with 11 international editions, Lonely Planet  continues to produce guidebooks covering 95% of the world as well as a wide range of gift and specialty books, and an extensive kids’ range. There are 576 books and 379 ebooks in publication currently and Lonely Planet has a social media following of 12m people.

The Irish operation began in June 2015 and will soon employ 17 people in Dublin including tech and writer support for up to 250 writers in 46 countries, finance, a books team for EMEA and a global digital news hub which provides daily news content from a team of journalists in Dublin and around the world.