H2 Learning is an e-learning services and consultancy organisation. We provide practical e-learning resources and advice to our national and international partners and clients (teachers, principals, policy-makers, learners) across all levels of education.

With the central mission of helping educators to design and implement the best possible education experiences for their learners, Michael Hallissy and John Hurley (both teachers) established H2 Learning in 2002 – so-called because both founder’s surnames begin with ‘H’.

H2 Learning principally aims to enhance teaching, learning and assessment through the use of Information Communications Technology in education, in order to equip learners with the necessary skills to thrive in the 21st century.

Drawing from over a decade of practice, we offer a selection of high-quality professional services in the field of ICT integration to all education stakeholders, including the creation and provision of accredited ICT-based professional development, project management services, research and development and evidence-based consultancy services.