Supporting schools all over Ireland with teaching and learning through technology.

Together with our partners in London we have been supporting schools for over 15 years, and are proud to provide the best ICT support for Irish and UK schools.

We are a one stop shop offering the best in pedagogical training as well as full IT infrastructure support. We train teachers through in-class support, planning and direct staff training. Our IT infrastructure support includes management of your network/ server, interactive whiteboards, iPads and PCs, Office 365 setup/ training and more. Because we don’t sell any devices we are able to provide impartial advice for schools when purchasing new technology to ensure it best fits their needs and budget.

Our education staff is made up of experienced qualified teachers and a St Patrick’s College Digital Learning lecturer. Our IT staff are fully supported by our education staff. Schools need IT support from a company that understands schools, and no one understands schools better than us.