Consumer Data Protection

We developed the first Consumer Data Protection (CDP) solution in the world, to give consumers total control over the personal data that they share with enterprise, which they choose to engage with, as an employee or customer, while giving Enterprise the tools to freely engage with consumers across various communications channels (CRM like), using their personal data as required, with the express consent of the Consumer keeping the enterprise compliant with current and future Data Protection legislation (GDPR).


We act as an intermediaries that facilitates trusted relationships between consumers and enterprise, where we store the personal data of the consumer and then share it with the enterprise that consumers choose to connect with (“express permission”). We never share the personal contact details of the consumer with a connected enterprise and only share other personal data as instructed by the consumer through shared forms online (“visibility of data being stored”). Consumers can switch on and off the different communications channels (SMS, email, Letters, Voice etc) (“Opt In/Out”), Enterprise by Enterprise and disconnect at any time, thus preventing all further communications, while pulling back the personal data immediately (“Right to be forgotten”).