was founded as Amazing Academy by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, two independent business owners who shared the dream of financial freedom.

Long before meeting and starting the company, Matt and Jason both began looking for ways to achieve what most people only dream of: the freedom to do what they wanted, when they wanted, wherever in the world they wanted to do it. In time they would both find what they were seeking, and much more.

Through trial and error and hard work, Matt and Jason each discovered what it takes to build highly profitable, long-term businesses. The pair eventually met through an entrepreneurial organization and realized they would make a great team. But these ambitious entrepreneurs had bigger dreams than simply making more money. They had an overwhelming desire to repay the kindness that many amazing people had shown them along the way. The seasoned duo wanted to pass on what they had learned, to teach other aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow their own businesses.
Most of all, Matt and Jason wanted others to feel the joy of financial freedom. Thus the idea for was born.

Business Owners Helping Other Business Owners

Originally in the online-selling space, has expanded and continues to expand into other categories and fields of interest, offering step-by-step courses to help more people create profitable, sustainable enterprises.

While many people look to franchising to kickstart their entry into independent business, members get access to cutting-edge training models and passionate support communities that help them build businesses more quickly and easily. The courses provide everything one could need to start and grow an independent business. We’ve discovered principles, strategies, and technologies that produce real, measurable business results — without the expensive franchising fees.